SILO: Socially Inclusive Literature Operations

"bridging the distance between elite and everyday culture"

SILO is making accessible foreign European literature for everyone, especially for groups that do not normally come into contact with literature. From a participatory approach we involve different groups of citizens (refugees, hospital patients, young adults, prisoners, secondary school students, elderly people). We work "outreach": we organise events in these groups’ daily context. During those events we create situations where everyone can take the role as writer or as storyteller. So, we create a narrative community where sharing stories is central. By doing this, we create an opportunity to talk about foreign literature and learn about the different experiences op people from different parts of Europe. During every literature event, organised by a partner, there will always be a (foreign) writer or literary expert. These writers will help participants discover the power of writing in tackling problems they face.

On this digital platform we share stories from the narrative community. On the basis of our experiences we will create, at the end of the project, guidelines for organizing participatory literature events, that educators and organisers of cultural events can use.

We have a mix of expertise in this project: the literary world (library, writers), participatory experts, experience in interdisciplinary work, policy representatives. This means that we can realize our goal at local, regional, national and international levels. In Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Serbia, Portugal and Spain, we will reach new audiences at events. In other countries will also provide inspiration through the online platform and framework. Coming from different sectors, we can disseminate results via very different network organizations we are members of, inspiring other organisations in using our participatory framework for audience engagement.

Consortium: UC Leuven-Limburg (BE)
Aarhus Universitet (DK)
Cultuurhuis de Warande (BE)
Fundación Uxío Novoneyra (ES)
Câmara Municipal da Madalena do Pico (PT)
Szepirok Tarsasaga (Hungarian Society of Writers) (HU)
Association KROKODIL (SR)
Aarhus Public Libraries (DK)
Duration: 01/09/2017-31/08/2019
Funding programme: Creative Europe
Coordinator contact: helena.bijnens@ucll.be and tobias.frenssen@ucll.be